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Thursday, December 27, 2007


SRX600 | YAMAHA MOTOR: "The SRX600 and 400 models developed in this way were finally launched on April 15, 1985, as motorcycles of an entirely new category described by the expression 'taste of the world.' At the time of the launch, the plans were to sell about 2,000 units of the SRX600 and 5,000 units of the SRX400 annually. But, they soon became hit models and sales well exceeded those initial targets. Ignoring what were believed to be the demands of the times, the SRX development team had set out to build a machine that true enthusiasts would appreciate, and that meant building the kind of bike that they themselves wanted to ride. And, they were content to have only the people who appreciated such a machine riding it. But, they never imagined just how many appreciative owners these new models would find. In all, 19,000 units of the SRX600 and 30,000 units of the SRX400 would be sold in Japan and abroad (both represent total production numbers)."

1986 Yamaha SRX400 Review - MotorcycleSurvey.com

1986 Yamaha SRX400 Review - MotorcycleSurvey.com: "I own an SRX400 grey import, which was fairly cheap to buy.

I love its simplicity. Its single cylinder 4 stroke engine feels unburstable. It's in good condition and I think it will run for years to come.

Its only fault is it's kick start only. You need a good right leg.

It's based on retro cafe racing bikes. I like its style"

Yamaha SRX400 and SRX600 - The Real Classic Bike Guide - RealClassic.co.uk

Yamaha SRX400 and SRX600 - The Real Classic Bike Guide - RealClassic.co.uk: "Yamaha SRX400 and SRX600

These sleek and sporty single-cylinder machines should've been the stars of the 1980s, making the most of the cult of the café racer. Instead, people bought UJMs. Anarchy wonders if history is about to repeat itself...

Once upon a time in a green and pleasant land, motorcycling had evolved from mostly British bikes to an assortment of fast Japanese two-stroke mopeds and motorcycles, then onto the UJM multi-cylinder four-strokes. Because of the high accident figures from 16-year-old moped riders the laws had been changed and this, along with economic factors, contributed to a decline in motorcycle sales during the 1980s.

Remember the 1980s? George Orwell's 1949 novel '1984' describes a totalitarian government bent on total manipulation and certainly the video bites of bloody faced miners being beaten by police officers for two years echoed the authors prophetic words. Strange times to be born into."

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

old Yamaha Srx400 motorcycle in a scrapyard

old Yamaha Srx400 motorcycle in a scrapyard

Monday, November 07, 2005

Yamaha SRX400 SRX600 SRX 400 600 Motorcycle Reviews, Motorcycles For Sale, Scooter Reviews and Scooters For Sale

Yamaha SRX400 SRX600 SRX 400 600 Motorcycle Reviews, Motorcycles For Sale, Scooter Reviews and Scooters For Sale: "

Dec 27, 2001
Yamaha SRX6 1986
'Good looking retro before retros where popular, styled on 60's cafe racers. Basically it was Yamaha's twin carb XT600 single cylinder engine bored out to 608cc in a road going twin steel cradle frame with numerous FZ600/RD cycle parts of the time. Launched in 1985 it was a big thumper single cylinder bike with kick start, 18' wheels, clip-ons, no fairing, round headlight, twin shocks and silver paint. Although later '90's models went to 17' wheels, monoshock, electric start and had a much revised frame/style. Mine was a japanesse import which differed from the UK spec in that it had Ohlins supension, twin discs and different pillion peg arrangement. Mine was a bit of dog when I got it at 10yrs old, but cleaned up well. Proved reliable when carbs overhauled, with ride quality being quite good if now outdated but it still looks nice enough.' "

Welcome to Srx400

Welcome to Srx400: "Stainless Steel Chain Guards
A member from the forum is offering new Stainless Steel Chain Guards for sale

He has a friend who makes Stainless Steel parts for a living. In order for his friend to make them he needs a small list of people who are willing to order one each. In order to make them cost-effective.

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Welcome to Srx400.co.uk Interesting articles

Welcome to Srx400.co.uk Interesting articles: "Interesting article about The much loved Yamaha SRX400 motorcycle
written by Andrew Preece

There are many strange things about motorcycling: for instance I had owned a Triumph 900 Sprint
from new for six years. A fabulous beast of a bike with a lusty and tuneful triple engine at
the heart of it�s appeal, but something was missing. Can�t really put my finger on it, but the
link between the big Triumph and me simply had not been forged. The result of this was less
than 3,000 miles covered in those years and when somebody came along and offered me a
reasonable price for her I took it. Now what is worse than having a bike that you haven�t
�clicked� with? That�s right, having no bike at all!
An old mate pointed out an add in UBG for an SRX400, it was a local number so what the hell?
Before I knew it a 1986 Yamaha SRX400 grey import was sitting where once my mighty Triumph had
resided. So a 16 year old (and somewhat frayed around the edges), single was to be summer
machine. The bloke selling it had wanted over �800 but after a bit of haggling we settled on a
price somewhere well south of that! So my superbike was gone, but there was a smile on my face,
Like I said, biking can be a strange thing.

The SRX 400 is a light and nimble almost caf� racer style of road bike, with more than a whiff
of �spot the RD common cycle parts� about it. Its heart is a lovely single developed from the
XT500 lineage, which is superb around town, and also the twisty lanes."

Welcome to Srx400

Welcome to Srx400: "Welcome to Srx400.co.uk
Devoted to the Yamaha SRX400 motorcycle. A small website devoted to supplying hard to find information about this much loved bike.
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